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Special Teams

We've added to the TeamPaint playbook two more unique workshops and keynote talks for your special team.

TeamPaint: Power of You


This is BIG! Big canvases. Big messages.


What words can't say, the arts can.  Define and express your voice. When you share your voice you have the opportunity to make meaning, to influence, to elevate and to evolve.

Teams define mission, values, beliefs or intentions, and then interpret meaning through art. The large art installations become your message to the world.

For teams, large groups, conventions, and public engagement. Imagine the finished work hanging in your "gallery."

Photo above: Project Harmony staff created art around their culture statments. The art hangs in their atrium, a powerful message about the value of their work. 


Watch a time-lapse video below.

TeamPaint: Fearless Creating


In order for you to chase your passion for work life or personal life, you have to be willing to do a bit of discovery and creating – individually and as a team. 

Using design thinking, participants identify and work within given constraints to arrive at new and better solutions.

Everyone receives the same directions, but no two pieces turn out the same. The individual art created on wood panels comes together to create a larger wall of blocks. Teams explore individual contributions to the greater good. 

Photo above: Fearless Creating workshop with the University of Nebraska Alumni Association

Keynote Talks


Beverly Todd delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes based on her life alignment with corporate leadership and creativity.


Play Like a Child. We were educated to think with words, but many of the most creative minds – novelists, artists and physical scientists – report their greatest inspirations came not in words, but in visual images. Re-connect with play and creativity, and ignite innovation at work and in life.


The Not-Know Mind. Following the belief of Korean Zen, the Not-Know Mind is the goal of innovative  people. It means opening up to the new learning throughout life.


The Science of Happiness. Explore the roots of a happy and meaningful life. Use practical strategies for nurturing your own happiness.


Live the Life You've Dreamed. Keynote with option to include a Fearless Creating workshop. Change how you live. Own your story. This is playing big, and it means being more loyal to your dreams than your fears. 

Booking: Contact TeamPaint for a free consultation. We'll listen to your team goals and create a customized program proposal with pricing.

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