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No one an artist? Perfect!

Get ready for a colorful team building event. Your team has never experienced anything like connecting, learning, innovating and growing on a shared canvas.


Team Paint

Team Paint is about teams, not art, but often teams create truly powerful art. Creativity is not required or expected (really!) because there is an amazing amount of creativity generated by people standing side by side putting paint on canvas.


Team Paint includes two hours of hands-on group painting with discussion as teams share what they learn about themselves and their teammates.


Along the way, teams face challenges and opportunities with tasks, resources, communications and a few surprises thrown in. A dynamic music sound track sets the pace. An "art show and tell," along with laughter, smiles and applause, wraps up the session.

Team Paint is about three things we know to be most critical to team building.

  • Encouraging creativity and innovation.

  • Growing trust and connections.

  • Building and celebrating individuals.

Who TeamPaints?
  • Businesses. We help people fire up their talents and passions, and tap into creativity as teams and as individuals.

  • Non-Profits. Work on your mission, improve board relations, enrich work teams, raise funds (auction your art). Everyone has a hand on the canvas to deliver your mission.

  • Conventions. Tie in a keynote on innovation with a Team Paint experience. We scale up to any size.

  • Sports. Build cohesion – key element to success. Bring your team members closer together, grow trust and work on common goals.

  • Families, Friends, Celebrations. Hellos, good-byes, celebrations, and “we who can do anything together” moments are amazing when you create art to represent them! Great for multi-generational families, girlfriends, birthdays, wedding parties, and reunions.

  • Youth, Camps. No more kum-ba-yah (although we like keeping the s'mores). Some of the most amazing connections and arts come from these experiences.

  • Generations, Hospice. Gather those people who mean the  most to you and paint. The experience and the canvas are both lasting memories that keep the heart warm long after the day is over.

  • Couples. Love is in the air and paint is on your canvas. Just add wine. One dating gentlemen said he knew he found his match after creating art together.

Book Team Paint

Free Consultation. Prior to painting, you will receive a free consultation to discuss what is going on with your team and what you’d like to accomplish. Your Team Paint experience delivers results – embracing your mission, adapting to change, communicating, setting goals, solving problems, growing, plain and simple working together.


Mobile Art Studio. We come to you. With acrylic paints, brushes, canvas, smocks, tarps and plastic. No walls will be harmed in the making of your team.


Pricing. During your consultation, we will determine number of participants, time allotment and how to best give you a return on your training investment. We coach all team sizes, from a group of three to 500 and more. You will be provided a quote personalized for your experience. A 50% deposit is due upon booking.

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