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Team Paint coaching is about encouraging creativity and innovation. Taking risks. Growing connections and bonds. Celebrating individuals. Creating unity.

I'm a creative and an innovator. I explore and create fine art, and I lead creative team building workshops. My passion is to bring energy and arts-based learning to peoples' lives.


This interdisciplinary approach - blending arts with business - uses art as the tool for individuals and teams to grow and gain insight into topics such as leadership, communication, teamwork, risk-taking, innovation and creativity.  


My background is in executive leadership, heading several nonprofit corporations in Nebraska where I learned the value of strong teams.


On a team, differences matter. High-performing teams recognize that every person adds value to the whole


Creativity and innovation also matter - they are the fuel that keep organizations growing and moving forward.


Every time  I work with a team, I am blown away with how they show up and engage. They lead. They connect. They collaborate. They innovate. They become part of something bigger than themselves.

Team Paint Founder 

Bev is a life-long artist creating expressionist and abstract art. Her work hangs in homes across the nation and in Canada. She is also a life-long presenter. It was a purple rosette ribbon won in 4-H public speaking at age nine that hooked her on the power of communicating. She has been leading, presenting, sharing and training ever since. Her parent company, B.Todd.Arts, LLC, is home to fine art. And her art center, Santa Fe Artist Getaway, is home to creativity workshops and artist residencies. 

Beverly's Credentials

We are... Team Building. 

You are... Businesses. Nonprofits. Conventions. Sports. Families. Friends. Celebrations. Couples. Youth. Camps. Generations.

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