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Don Anderson
President/CEO, Independent Pharmacy Cooperative

The Team Paint experience has had a very positive impact on the future of how the IPC board operates and works together. 


IPC's executive management team has shared its experience with many others. I see them consciously thinking about decisions and communication approaches. 


The learnings from Team Paint still resonate as we at IPC continue our growth. The art we created is hanging in the "gallery" wing at the office, a reminder of how we can innovate together.


Ken Hackett
financial advisor

We really had to work together as a team. One person would start an idea and the next person would add to it making the whole picture better. We couldn't have done it alone. A work environment should have this type of team work too. We discovered that looking at situations from a different perspective leads to solutions one may not have thought of before.


Courtney Burns
graphic designer

I felt really outside my comfort zone when paint was poured into my hand. I looked at my teammates and we started finger painting. What I learned about taking risk is that if you push your problem in front of someone else, they will help you. And that some discomfort is actually the gateway to finding something new in yourself and to achieving greater accomplishments.


Kelsey Souchek

Every patient I work with learns differently. So I have to think out of the box, asking "How am I going to get this information to be meaningful." My work is never cookie cuter. So thinking creatively and coming up with different ways to relay the message is great. The Team Paint experience was very beneficial for my life and my job. 


Jesse Souchek, MD

I can take what I learned through Team Paint back to the hospital setting. There is definitely room for creative thinking and being able to identify with your patients. There is more than one way of connecting and communicating with people; being able to see that is something I strive for when caring for patients.


Dollie Munter Karolewski
art teacher

Our team had a relaxed experience at first. But it changed when our art was flipped upside down. We had a different point of view, and that's when we really started communicating. Team Paint helpedus see that happens in life too. You start in one direction and then everything changes. That's when you depend on your team.


Mark White
financial business manager

I go through my day-to-day work and never stop to think "What is that person's skill set? What are their strengths?" Team Paint showed me that when we start figuring out where people's talents lie, we're a much better team. I'm going to think that way more; I know that will help my business be better too.


We are... Team Building. 

You are... Businesses. Nonprofits. Conventions. Sports. Families. Friends. Celebrations. Couples. Youth. Camps. Generations.

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